Home Politics Shocking Revelation: Rahul Gandhi’s Full Video Exposes BJP’s Deceptive Tactics!

Shocking Revelation: Rahul Gandhi’s Full Video Exposes BJP’s Deceptive Tactics!

Rahul Gandhi's Full Video Exposes BJP's Deceptive Tactics

Rahul Gandhi’s Full Video Exposes BJP’s Deceptive Tactics originally shared by Rahul Gandhi showcasing his message of inclusivity has exposed the manipulative tactics employed by certain factions to distort his words. During a discussion on ‘Caste Census,’ Rahul Gandhi advocated for the rights of SC-ST, backward classes, minorities, and economically weaker sections. However, the selectively edited version of the video shared by BJP and its supporters removed crucial segments, leaving only the mention of minorities intact, misleading the public. This act of deception has drawn widespread condemnation.

The full video has now surfaced online, revealing the genuine intent behind Rahul Gandhi’s words. His call for a comprehensive ‘Caste Census’ aimed at ensuring equitable representation and opportunities for all sections of society stands in stark contrast to the divisive narrative being propagated by those with vested interests. This revelation exposes the deceptive practices of certain political entities and underscores the importance of transparent discourse in shaping a fair and inclusive society.

This video serves as a reminder of the power of truth and transparency in the face of misinformation and propaganda. Citizens must engage in critical dialogue and demand accountability from their leaders. Unity and empathy must prevail over divisive tactics and society should stand together against manipulation and falsehoods to pave the way for genuine progress and equality for all its members.



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