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Today Gold Price: Is the Gold Price Going Up or Down?


Are you buckling up for a wild ride? The Indian bullion market has been on a rollercoaster lately, with gold prices taking dramatic turns. Let’s delve into the ups and downs of the past week and discover today’s glittering rates.

Gold and Silver: A Chaotic Dance

There was a glimmer of hope for investors after both gold and silver showed signs of recovery in the last trading session. But rewind a bit to the beginning of the week, which saw a heart-stopping plunge. The bullion market stumbled, triggering panic as gold dipped below the crucial Rs 70,000 mark, and silver followed suit, slipping below Rs 80,000 per kilogram.

Today Gold Price: Is the Gold Price Going Up or Down?

The Resilience of Precious Metals

Just like phoenixes rising from the ashes, gold and silver exhibited remarkable resilience. By Friday, the landscape had shifted dramatically. Here’s a detailed look at the week’s price movements:

CaratMonday Price (per 10 grams)Friday Price (per 10 grams)Change
22Rs 66,321Rs 65,698Rs 623 drop
24Rs 72,350Rs 71,670Rs 680 drop

Silver’s price also danced to its own rhythm, leaving traders guessing its next move. From a high of Rs 82,800 per kilogram, it tumbled to Rs 82,520 per ten grams on Friday.

Global Moves: MCX and US Comex

  • MCX: On the Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX), gold dipped slightly by 0.02 percent, closing at Rs 71,486 on Friday. Meanwhile, silver edged up by 0.01 percent, settling at Rs 82,502 per kilogram.
  • US Comex: Overseas, gold traded at $2,349.60 per ounce, reflecting a 0.30 percent rise. Silver, however, slipped by 0.47 percent, reaching $27.23 per ounce.

City Chronicles: Gold and Silver’s Local Adventures

As expected, prices varied slightly across major Indian cities. Here’s a glimpse of today’s rates:

City22 Carat Gold (per 10 grams)24 Carat Gold (per 10 grams)Silver (per kilogram)
DelhiRs 65,468Rs 71,420Rs 82,230
MumbaiRs 65,578Rs 71,540Rs 82,370
KolkataRs 65,496Rs 71,450Rs 82,260
ChennaiRs 65,771Rs 71,750Rs 82,610

The Golden Symphony Continues

The future of the bullion market remains uncertain. As the conductor raises their baton for the next movement, traders and investors hold their breath. Will gold and silver soar to new heights or dip into the abyss? Only time—and perhaps a sprinkle of stardust—will tell.

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