Home Politics Congress Crisis: Delhi President  Arvinder Singh Resigns Amid AAP Alliance Controversy

Congress Crisis: Delhi President  Arvinder Singh Resigns Amid AAP Alliance Controversy

Congress Crisis Delhi President  Arvinder Singh Resigns Amid AAP Alliance Controversy

New Delhi, April 28, 2024 — The political battleground in Delhi just got hotter as Congress faces a seismic shakeup. Arvinder Singh Lovely, the state president of Delhi Congress, has dramatically stepped down from his position. But what triggered this unexpected move, and why is the AAP alliance at the center of the storm?

Congress Turmoil: Delhi President’s Shock Resignation Sparks Alliance Controversy

As the Lok Sabha elections heat up, Arvinder Singh Lovely’s resignation has sent shockwaves through the political landscape. His letter to Mallikarjun Kharge, the national president of Congress, reveals a tale of internal strife and ideological clashes.

Arvinder Singh creates Alliance Dilemma

Lovely minced no words. The Delhi Congress unit vehemently opposed an alliance with AAP, a party that had built its foundation on hurling false corruption allegations at Congress. Despite the dissent, Congress chose to join hands with AAP in Delhi.

The Fallout: Unilateral Decisions and Block President Vacuum

Lovely’s tenure was marked by relentless efforts to rejuvenate the party. He re-inducted local leaders, organized rallies, and aimed for a resurgence. However, all major decisions were unilaterally vetoed by the AICC General Secretary (Delhi in-charge). The result? Over 150 blocks in Delhi currently lack a block president.

Displeasure Voiced: Aam Aadmi Party Alliance Under Scrutiny

Lovely didn’t hold back. He expressed his discontent over the AAP alliance. A party whose cabinet ministers faced corruption charges and half of whom were behind bars became an unlikely partner. Despite reservations, Congress stood by the decision, leaving Lovely caught in the crossfire.

Congress Candidates in Alliance: Questions Arise Amid Seat-Sharing

In a surprising turn of events, questions have emerged regarding the allocation of seats to Congress candidates in the recent alliance with the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP). Lovely, a prominent Congress leader, expressed concerns about the limited number of seats allotted to the party due to the alliance. Here are the key points:

Seat Allocation: The Congress was granted only 3 seats in Delhi as part of the alliance. Lovely withdrew from consideration as a potential candidate due to this limitation.

Controversial Choices: Despite objections from the Pradesh Congress Committee (PCC), local party workers, and observers, the North-West Delhi and North-East Delhi seats were assigned to two candidates closely aligned with the Delhi Congress. These candidates were perceived as outsiders by some.

High Command Decision: The final decision on party candidates rests with the high command. However, what surprised many was that the PCC was not formally informed about the selection of these candidates after the high command’s decision.

The situation highlights the delicate balance between alliance politics and party interests, leaving many wondering about the implications for the upcoming elections. 

The Verdict: A Political Storm Brewing

As the Lok Sabha elections unfold, Delhi Congress grapples with internal strife. The alliance drama continues, leaving voters wondering: Will this turmoil impact the electoral battle? Only time will tell.



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