Electric Shock: Tesla Sparks Legal Battle Over Brand Infringement in India

Electric Shock Tesla Sparks Legal Battle Over Brand Infringement in India

Tesla’s Trademark Turmoil Takes Center Stage in Indian Court

New Delhi: In a striking legal move, Tesla Inc., the electric vehicle behemoth led by Elon Musk, has initiated a lawsuit against an Indian battery company for trademark infringement. The case, filed in the bustling courts of New Delhi, revolves around the unauthorized use of the iconic “Tesla Power” brand name.

Tesla Charges Ahead with Legal Action

Despite a clear cease-and-desist notice issued in April 2022, Tesla Power India Pvt Ltd is alleged to have continued marketing its products under the disputed brand. Tesla’s legal team is now charging forward, seeking both damages and a decisive permanent injunction to protect its globally recognized name.

Indian Battery Maker Battles Tesla in Trademark Showdown

The Indian firm, specializing in lead-acid batteries, stands its ground, claiming no intention to enter the electric vehicle market. With a deadline set for a written response, the company prepares to counter Tesla’s heavyweight legal challenge.

Trademark Tussle Amidst Musk’s Diplomatic Dance

The lawsuit emerges amidst a backdrop of Elon Musk’s intriguing international itinerary, including a cancelled visit to India and a notable trip to China. As the legal proceedings heat up, all eyes are on the May 22 hearing, where the next chapter of this corporate saga will unfold.


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