Unrest in PoK: Soaring Prices Spark Protests, Jaishankar Reignites Kashmir Tensions

Unrest in PoK Soaring Prices Spark Protests, Jaishankar Reignites Kashmir Tensions

Inflation Ignited! Protests Erupt in Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir

In the heart of Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK), a groundswell of discontent erupts as citizens unite in a comprehensive strike against the exorbitant prices of wheat flour, electricity, and oppressive taxes. As the strike enters its fourth day, tension grips the region, underscoring the deep-seated frustration of the populace.

Jaishankar Adds Fuel to Fire: Declares PoK “Always India’s”

Amidst the tumult, India’s External Affairs Minister, Dr. S. Jaishankar, delivers a seismic proclamation, asserting PoK’s indomitable link to India’s sovereignty. Speaking amidst the ongoing protests in Muzaffarabad, Jaishankar reaffirms India’s unwavering stance, prophesizing a future where Pakistan’s grip on PoK relinquishes, paving the way for its reunion with India. In a scathing rebuke to critics, Jaishankar highlights the Modi government’s commitment to integrating Kashmir while condemning opposition to Article 370‘s abolition. Undeterred by Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal, he boldly declares PoK as an inseparable part of India, underscoring national pride in India’s nuclear capabilities.

The streets of PoK become a battleground as clashes erupt between security forces and protesters, marking a historic moment in the fight for liberation. Amidst the chaos, one police officer falls victim to the violence, with over a hundred individuals sustaining injuries, predominantly law enforcement personnel.

Fueling the flames of dissent, the Jammu and Kashmir Joint Awami Action Committee (JAAC) articulates a resounding demand for justice, calling for equitable electricity pricing, an end to wheat flour subsidies, and the dismantling of elite privileges.

Despite attempts by the Pakistani government to quash the uprising, including condemnations from Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif and directives for dialogue, the fervor for freedom only intensifies. As PoK stands at the precipice of change, the world bears witness to a pivotal moment in the struggle for sovereignty.


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