Supreme Court Denies Plea to Bar PM Modi from Elections for 6 Years

Supreme Court Denies Plea to Bar PM Modi from Elections for 6 Years

A contentious plea to bar Prime Minister Narendra Modi from contesting elections for six years was fervently presented before the Supreme Court on Tuesday, only to face swift rejection. The petitioner, Fatima, sought to implicate PM Modi for allegedly seeking votes in the name of religion, specifically invoking God and temples during electoral campaigns.

In a dramatic courtroom scene, the bench presided by Justice Vikram Nath and Justice Satish Chandra Sharma, dismissed Fatima’s plea, asserting that such decisions fall outside the purview of the judiciary. Instead, they directed Fatima to pursue her grievances through appropriate channels, prompting her to withdraw the application. Fatima’s allegations centered on PM Modi’s purported breaches of the election code of conduct, accusing him of leveraging religious sentiments for electoral gain.

Election Drama Unfolds: Supreme Court’s Verdict on PM Modi’s Fat

The crux of the petition rested on PM Modi’s alleged appeals to voters, invoking Hindu deities and sacred sites while urging support for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). Such actions, according to Fatima, constitute a flagrant violation of the electoral code of conduct, warranting severe consequences.

This isn’t the first instance of legal contention surrounding PM Modi’s campaign tactics. Previously, a similar plea filed in the Delhi High Court, seeking an FIR against PM Modi for delivering a communal speech, met a similar fate. However, the Delhi High Court deferred to the jurisdiction of the Election Commission, leaving the resolution of the matter in its hands.

As the legal battleground simmers with intensity, the spotlight now shifts to the Election Commission’s response, poised to shape the trajectory of this high-stakes electoral drama.


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