PoK Protests Expose Pakistan’s Hypocrisy and Oppression!

PoK Protests Expose Pakistan's Hypocrisy and Oppression!

Pakistan has often accused India of violating human rights in Kashmir, but now it is facing backlash from its own people in PoK (Pakistan Occupied Kashmir). People in PoK are protesting against the Pakistani government and its military, demanding basic rights and an end to the exploitation they have been facing for decades. The recent events in PoK Protests, including the death of three protesters, have brought to light the oppressive nature of the Pakistani government towards its people.

The protests in PoK have been met with severe resistance from the Pakistani government and its security forces. The Joint Action Committee, which led the protests, had 70 of its members arrested, and violent clashes between the protesters and the police have resulted in over 100 people being injured and three deaths, including one police officer.

The unrest in PoK highlights the claims of the Pakistani government that it has long been making against India. Despite its claims of supporting the Kashmiri people, Pakistan has been exploiting the very region it claims to be fighting for. The people of PoK are now demanding:

  • Subsidies on wheat from the Mangla Dam
  • Electricity bills based on the cost of electricity generated
  • Withdrawal of additional salaries and benefits of Punjab officials
  • Lifting the ban on student unions and holding elections
  • Notifying the J&K Bank in PoK
  • Providing adequate funds and powers to local representatives
  • Rationalizing cellular and internet rates
  • Reducing property transfer taxes
  • Establishing a Bureau of Accountability and taking action against those who make mistakes
  • Promoting industries at the local level and banning cutting of trees

These demands reflect the dire situation in PoK, where the Pakistani government has been accused of exploiting its own people while making false allegations against India. The recent protests have exposed the hypocrisy of the Pakistani government and its military, which have been oppressing the people of PoK for decades.


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