Rahul Gandhi Announces Mahalakshmi Scheme: Congress’s Big Move for Women

Rahul Gandhi Announces Mahalakshmi Scheme

As the Lok Sabha Election 2024 heats up, Rahul Gandhi has made a splash with a big promise. At a rally in Madhya Pradesh, he talked about the Mahalakshmi Scheme, a plan to help women if Congress wins. This has got everyone talking about what’s next for the country.

In Madhya Pradesh’s Chambal area, Rahul Gandhi stood up for Congress candidate Phool Singh Baraiya and took a dig at the BJP. He said this election is all about keeping the Constitution safe and slammed the BJP for their plans to change it. The Mahalakshmi Scheme was a key part of his talk.

Holding the Constitution, Rahul Gandhi said it’s the heart of India. He asked tough questions about farmers and workers and criticized the BJP for ignoring them during big projects like the Ram Temple. He made it clear that the Mahalakshmi Scheme is about including everyone.

Rahul Gandhi didn’t stop there. He promised that under the Mahalakshmi Scheme, Congress will give ₹1 lakh every year to a woman from each poor family. He said this money will just show up in their bank accounts, like magic.


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