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Shocking School Scandal: Agra Principal’s Aggression Goes Viral

Shocking School Scandal Agra Principal’s Aggression Goes Viral

A Disturbing Display of Power in Agra’s Educational Institute

In a shocking turn of events, a video has emerged showing the principal of a primary school in Agra engaging in a physical altercation with a teacher. The incident, which took place in Seegna village, has sparked outrage and concern over the conduct of educational authorities.

Tensions Escalate as Teacher’s Clothes Torn in Altercation

The conflict reportedly began when the teacher, identified as Gunjan Chaudhary, arrived late to school. The principal’s aggressive response escalated to the point of attempting to tear the teacher’s clothes.

Viral Video Captures Heated Exchange and Pleas for Decency

As the situation intensified, the teacher’s plea for decency was met with defiance by the principal, who proclaimed, “No bullying will work here.” The video, now viral, also shows the principal’s driver unsuccessfully attempting to de-escalate the confrontation.

A Pattern of Unprofessional Conduct in Uttar Pradesh Schools

This is not an isolated incident; earlier in April, another principal in Uttar Pradesh was involved in a dispute after being caught receiving a beauty treatment during school hours. These incidents raise serious questions about the professional behavior expected within educational settings.



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