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WhatsApp’s Massive March Crackdown: Over 80 Lakh Accounts Axed in India

WhatsApp’s Massive March Crackdown Over 80 Lakh Accounts Axed in India

WhatsApp’s Unprecedented Action Against Spam in India

New Delhi: In a sweeping move to safeguard its platform, WhatsApp has announced the ban of over 80 lakh accounts in India, marking a significant crackdown on spam and misuse. This action, spanning from March 1 to March 31, 2024, reflects WhatsApp’s commitment to maintaining the integrity of its messaging service.

Proactive Measures and User Reports Lead to Account Suspensions

The Meta-owned app disclosed that a staggering 1,430,000 accounts were proactively banned even before users could report them. These figures were released as part of WhatsApp’s compliance with the Information Technology (Intermediary Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code) Rules, 2021.

Grievance Appellate Committee and WhatsApp’s Compliance

During the same period, WhatsApp received 12,782 complaints, with the majority concerning account bans. The Grievance Appellate Committee (GAC), established by the Indian government, forwarded 5 reports to WhatsApp, all of which were addressed satisfactorily by the messaging giant.

WhatsApp’s Three-Stage Spam Detection System

WhatsApp’s robust system for detecting and banning spam accounts operates in three critical stages: at registration, during messaging, and through the analysis of negative feedback such as user reports and blocks. A dedicated team of analysts meticulously evaluates these reports to ensure the platform’s security.

WhatsApp’s Focus on Prevention Over Detection

In its relentless pursuit to curb wrongful activities, WhatsApp employs advanced tools for monitoring and takes swift action on user complaints. The company emphasizes its focus on prevention, stating that it is more effective to stop harmful activity before it occurs rather than dealing with the aftermath.



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