Home National UP 10th Board exam topper- Prachi Nigam’s Razor-Sharp Battle

UP 10th Board exam topper- Prachi Nigam’s Razor-Sharp Battle

UP 10th Board exam topper- Prachi Nigam’s Razor-Sharp Battle

New Delhi— When Prachi Nigam, the 16-year-old UP Board 10th class topper, faced online trolls targeting her facial hair, she decided to respond with grace and determination. Her message? “Numbers matter, not my face.” But what led to this showdown, and why did Bombay Shaving Company find itself caught in the crossfire?

Prachi Nigam’s Razor-Sharp Battle: Bombay Shaving Company’s Misstep

The Backstory: Prachi’s Unexpected Trolling

After the release of UP Board results, Prachi Nigam’s remarkable achievement—scoring an impressive 98.5% in the UP Board Class 10th exam—should have been cause for celebration. Instead, the internet fixated on her facial hair. Trolls unleashed snide remarks, overshadowing her academic prowess.

The Controversial Ad: A Double-Edged Message

Enter Bombay Shaving Company. In an attempt to support Prachi, they placed a full-page newspaper ad. The heartfelt message read, “Dear Prachi, they are trolling your hair today, they will appreciate your A.I.R. tomorrow.” Admirable sentiment, right? But the twist came in the final line: “We hope you will never be bullied into using our razors.

The Fallout: Social Media Uproar

The internet erupted. Why mention Prachi Nigam’s name without her consent? Was it genuine support or clever marketing? Critics pounced, questioning the company’s intentions.

CEO’s Defense: Supporting Prachi’s Excellence

Shantanu Deshpande, Founder and CEO of Bombay Shaving Company, defended the ad. He emphasized that the message solely aimed to celebrate Prachi Nigam’s academic brilliance. “A talented child who has achieved excellence,” he wrote, praising his team.

Prachi’s Resilience: Numbers Over Appearance

Prachi Nigam’s response was unwavering. “However God has made me, I am okay with it,” she declared. Like Chanakya, who faced trolls without flinching, Prachi focused on her studies. Her mother, Mamta, stood by her, refusing to let trolls affect her daughter.

The Scorecard: Triumph Amidst Controversy

Prachi’s 591 marks in high school speak volumes. But beyond numbers, her story highlights cyberbullying, societal norms, and resilience. Social media buzzes with opinions, both positive and negative, as Prachi’s journey unfolds.



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