Zomato’s Weatherunion.com: A Revolutionary Leap in Real-Time Climate Tracking

Zomato’s Weatherunion.com: A Revolutionary Leap in Real-Time Climate Tracking

Zomato’s Groundbreaking Weather Network Revolutionizes Forecasting 

Zomato, the culinary titan, has unveiled Weatherunion.com, India’s inaugural crowd-sourced weather network. CEO Deepinder Goyal heralded this as a transformative tool for real-time weather insights, poised to empower businesses and researchers with unprecedented data.

Weatherunion.com: Over 650 Beacons of Meteorological Data 

Boasting over 650 weather stations, Weatherunion.com stands as the most expansive private meteorological network across 45 Indian cities. Goyal’s vision extends to scaling this network, enhancing localized weather reporting on critical elements like temperature and precipitation.

Zomato’s Altruistic Data Gesture: Weatherunion.com’s Free Access 

In a philanthropic stride, Zomato has granted open access to Weatherunion.com, echoing Goyal’s sentiment that such pivotal data should remain unmonetized. This initiative is set to catalyze productivity and economic vigor, aligning with Zomato’s ethos of community contribution.

Collaborative Skies: Zomato and CAS-IIT Delhi’s Joint Venture 

Forged in partnership with CAS-IIT Delhi, Weatherunion.com is a testament to collaborative innovation. Goyal’s call to action for volunteer-hosted weather stations has resonated with Zomato’s own, who’ve eagerly participated in this nation-building endeavor.


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